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Update History





PANS OPS bugs corrections

  • module PBN:

TNA distance of stabilization corrected and TNA altitude in SID corrected. 

New Feature on CAD

  • Points can be modified in size with properties panel. If user want change elements from one layer to another, panel information appears.

  • User can load an image jpg with file jgw (you can get images on iberpix in this format). Jgw file indicates the position of vertex and rotation. 

New Feature on Pans Ops

  • module Navigation:

Airports and Enroute obstacles can be modified in size with properties panel. 

  • module PBN:

CF areas now intersect the next areas. Improvements in nominal tracks. Missed approach improvements in the initial segment for OAS, SBAS y VNAV. For OAS/SBAS TNA areas are opened from DD, and in TP areas are opened with 15º from soc.


New features Pans Ops

  • Module Core Cad 

User can see decimal geographic format on the right side of worskpace.

User can introduce in command line data in geographic format: DDMMSS.SSN , DD MM SS.SS W (blank spaces allowed) to create points, lines, polylines or any pans ops area.

  • Module Star

User can draw ENROUTE AREAS (VOR-VOR, NDB-NDB and VOR-NDB) standard and refined methods included.

  • Module Holding/Turns

User can modify wind value in any Holding/racetrack or Turns (Base and reversal).

PBN Holding/racetrack, with a limitation of entry in sector 1 and 3, is implemented.

User can now select RNP check for PBN holding (inclination 23º if FL<245 and 15º if FL>245).

  • Module Evaluation

Enroute analysis is created (primary moc in primary area and half of moc of primary in secondary areas).

Information from Digital Elevation Model name is saving in the rectangle draw in workspace (user can see it in panel info).

  • Module Country

Draw one Navaids/waypoints and obstacle can be draw on workspace by clicking with mouse, also panel is aware of format.

User can measure the geodesic distance and azimuth of two points (GeographicLib is used: the results match the @IGN PAG calculator.

  • Module PBN and Tools

Tolerances Flyby, Flyover and Altitude: Latest and KK panel is edited to be interactive and calculate ATT, XTT and semiAreas with paramters as altitude, distance from ARP, general specification etc. Areas, ATT, XTT, Latest and KK are drawn on workspace.
PBN panel also is edited to be interactive and remember data. LOAD data is improve loading all the data in the panel when user load data.

PANS OPS bugs corrections

  • Module Evaluation

Correction of bug introduce in panel pans ops main areas by version 1.8 (user could not select secundary areas).

  • Module Vnav/Lnav

Vnav/lnav from the previous version of 1.8 can not be opened, now is detected and can be opened.

  • Module VSS

User can select 10.000 obstacles in report obstacle analysis, which default was 5000.



New features Pans Ops

  • Module Evaluation 

Now user can make evaluation on OAS and VNAV with plane GP prima 

User can make evaluation on OAS and VNAV with HL calculated with VAT IAS

User can make evaluation on OAS and VNAV with constant HL

User can make evaluation of one CAT of circling with a moc defined by user

CRM file output for OAS

  • Module Navigation

User can create a HPMA circling with the usual parameters

User can create other circling with Radius in meters

User can draw obstacles to a limit of 5 millions of points on workspace, by default points are drawn but with zoom in, in a small area details can be seen.

Load obstacles from XML for UK can now load file of 1GB and draw obstacles limited to a circle

PANS OPS bugs corrections

  • Module BaroLnav:

Obstacles that not penetrates but inside areas LNAV now appears on report.

HL reduction in vnav only applies for approach obstacles, see pans ops III-3-4-6, 4.4.2 and 4.4.3

  • Module Evaluation:

Panel of evaluation edited for better comprehension 



PANS OPS bugs corrections

  • Holding PBN:

Limitation on entrance by sector 1-3 not implemented

Button on PBN holding sector 1-3 removed

Next update fix this not implementation

Changes on CAD and bugs corrections

  • By default Selector is always active when init drawing or finish action.

  • Eye tool panel and Star panel always on top.

New Feature on CAD

  • User can load images in format PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIF (Basic Operations).

  • User can move, copy, rotate and scale that image (Escale action only available for image).




New features Pans Ops

  • Module Country

Now user can load waypoints and navaids from file txt or dat: 


LAT and LON in DMS WGS88, example: BRA        VOR_DME        402808.5027N        0033327.5949W



Update name files for load: coastLine.dat, navaids.xml, waypoints.xml, airports.dat 
(user should update files with files user can find on folder DatoSpain or ask for more info)

PANS OPS bugs corrections

  • Module OAS:

by default OAS with Distance THR-LOC more than 4500 m, choose an oas with distance of 2000 m now its corrected to 4500 m

Changes on CAD and bugs corrections

  • By default shape layers now is saved if present.

  • Reference layer can be deleted even if got elements.

  • If exports lcd as DXF, by default layer names delete white spaces after and before.




PANS OPS bugs corrections

  • VNAV: Information vnav display in english also minVPA, deltaH is display.

  • VNAV: Correction of bug in obstacle analysis with MAPT offset: 

   User need to redraw previous VNAV with MAPT offset and then do obstacle analysis.

  • Missed APP PBN: Correction bug on CF init of KK and altitude can be higher than slope.

  • OCA (ft) is replace by SOC (ft) in Missed approach wizards.

Process performance improvements

  • Obstacle analysis is now running on background so user can do another action.

  • Save and open offer a better performance in the process.

  • Shape terrain data is load with gradient brown color and performance is improve.

Workspace improvements

  • Order by name in Layers (action on Layers).

  • Delete button for delete folders or files (helper for appstream) (File/Delete Folder or files).

  • User can edit color for obstacle in info panel.

  • User can select all elements in workspace (layers unlock and visibles) with button or CTRL+A.

New features

  • DXF can import/open polyline with arcs.

  • DXF can import/open text.

  • Load new XML file as obstacle.



First release on aws of AirNavCAD

  • User can load obstacles on DDMMSS format

  • Fix bugs on performance on save / open /export

  • Fix bug on CF and panel of PBN altitude.



  • Improve on SID STAR MA areas: CF and RF included, load data input.


  • Fix bugs on save and number obstacles in output



  • All OAS/VNAV areas can be moved to reduce area on obstacle analysis.

  • Track Turn and Arc DME areas

  • Fix bug on VNAV horizontal plane



  • Obstacle analysis file order by OCA/PDG

  • User can select polyline on evaluation

  • 64 bits distribution



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