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Access to the program



As user you are going to receive an email to get access to AirNavCAD. The first time you have to change the password include in that email for you own.

You can choose click directly in the link an is open in the browser.

Also you can choose another option.



Some of the clients tell us, that with the client for windows the program works better.

you can download here client,

if you use this client, only copy the link inside the client when you open this.



After click on the link, the login window appears on your default browser



After fill in your data on login, you get the window to access to AirNavCAD access. Click in the yellow cube and the program start to prepare.

sesion preprare.png


it takes 2 minutes to load.

permitir copy and paste.png

Allow copy and paste

After that you get this page and also appears a message that you must click allow to have possibility of copy and paste. And the program starts to run.



Now you get AirNavCAD running.

folder appstream.png

Folders AppStream

To communicate with  AirNavCAD file's that generates and needs you need to use the Folder button.


It opens a new window with 2 folders inside: Home Folder and Temporary Files

Add Files


To Upload Documents: you can drag and drop or select button upload.


Click on the folder you want (Home Folder or Temporary Files) create the folder and drag and drop from your computer to the folder or select upload button.


Home folder has persistence, save your folders/files after you close your session. By default, there is not delete button, but we are fighting for aws developing it. If you need to delete something, tell us and we delete for you something in this folder.


Temporary Files do not save files after you close your session.


Download files

To download data: Go to the file you want download and click on the arrow and select download.


Logout and iddle

You can get idle for 60 min after that time the session is going to be auto logout. 

Also if you not logout but close the browser/lost internet connection your session is going to be accessible for 15 min, after that you are going to be logout. This times can be changed if you request.

VIDEO 1 Access to AirNavCAD and use of AppStream

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